coffee packaging set

The unique coffee requires a unique setting. This is how the fabulous CoffeeCake line was created – inspired by Alice in Wonderland. As a result, the product impresses not only with taste – but also with my packaging! :)

The collection is built by 5 luxurious products. CoffeeCake brand is made with Indonesian Frog, Peruvian Flamingo, Ethiopian Fox, Brazilian Owl and Mexican Jaguar.


This time my task was to create the entire brand – CoffeeCake. Concept and names for individual products, designing the logo, and packaging designs and descriptions on the labels. And because I love coffee and I know quite a lot about it, the implementation of this project was a dream come true!

coffee Brazilian Owl packaging and espresso cup


I used the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The labels are my own ideas, prepared in cooperation with the cartoonist. This is my vision of the inhabitants of the Magical Forest ;) The individual names are related to the countries from which the coffee beans originate – Mexico, Ethiopia, etc. When choosing 'heroes' I was guided by the taste of individual coffees – the gentle one received the owl, and the more expressive – jaguar and fox . I like it when everything is consistent in 100%

The labels' descriptions refer not only to the sensory, but also to archetypes of illustrated animals – such as a smart fox and a predatory jaguar. Thanks to this, an interesting mix of cultural and fairy tale was created.

coffee Mexican Jaguar packaging and a cup of coffee


I chose doypack-paper + aluminum, additionally equipped with a valve – in the care for the highest quality of packaged coffee. Bags with two effective labels (front + back), have worked well with this product! I used selective varnish for printing labels – both matte and glossy – which further emphasized the logo and uniqueness of the graphics, and added a three-dimensional effect to the whole label!

coffee Ethiopian Fox packaging and coffee beans


The CoffeeCake project gave me extraordinary opportunities – not only to realize another dream, but also to take part in the whole creative process, which began with a coffee roaster visit – because I like to know the product I work on.

My work has been appreciated here and here

Enjoy! :)

coffee different labels
coffee Peruvian Flamingo packaging and a cup of coffee
coffee Indonesian Frog packaging and a cup of coffee with milk
coffee Peruvian Flamingo packaging and a mocha pot
coffee cake logo