herbal tea packaging set

In this project, history combines with modernity. Traditional patterns, some resembling exquisite British wall designs, imitation of gray paper and a full range of colors.

The set consists of 9 blends. Each one has been also prepared in sachets and in old school jars – a total is 26 pieces.


This time my task was to create a packaging design for a line of herbal teas, along with descriptions. The main goal was to break with the healing stereotype of herbs in gray bags. The design had to be innovative, fresh and colorful – and luxurious at the same.

herbal tea packaging and the couple during  the picnic


The effect is a line of 9 elegant premium packaging. Aristocratic patterns on cardboard refer not only to the British „five o’clock tea”, but also to the characteristic names of each mix. The subject of hussars appears on the packaging of Hetman’s Tea as silver fittings and in the design of King’s Tea – the crown pattern appears. Packaging – each in a different color – allows for easier identification on the shelf – without the need to study the content of the label in detail. Imprint imitating the label affixed, gives the product its originality, reminiscent of a hand-packaged tea, as if from an exclusive tea store by weight. The print was made on a thick, mat cardboard, which completes the unique character of this project.


In the second phase of the work, based on previous projects, I prepared packaging for tea in sachets and labels for jars – everything corresponding to the previously developed graphical line.

jar packaging of herbal tea


scan from the newspaper
scan from the newspaper
herbal tea packaging
herbal tea packaging