herbal tea packaging set

The challenge – how to revive the herbs, rejuvenate the target group, at the same time caring for aesthetics, presenting a new approach to the topic.

The line consists of 30 species of herbs, which were very well accepted by the market because „they are different than all”.


This time, my task was to create packaging for the line of organic herbs – clear and distinctive product on the gray and monotonous shelf of this segment.

herbal tea packaging and a glass of tea


I chose snow-white doypack packaging, preparing self-adhesive labels – referring in character to the pharmacy tradition – hence the emergence of Latin names. On the labels I have also placed pictures showing the herb in the form of tea – signaling the purpose of the product and showing the method of its use. Additional advantages are the appropriate exposure of the product – due to the presence of the window, as well as the reusable closure. I always take care that the solutions proposed by me are not only nice, but also functional and practical.

herbal tea packaging
herbal tea packaging
herbal tea packaging
herbal tea packaging