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The project presents the onboarding process in the application from the MEDTECH segment – addressed to diabetics – people with diabetes. IOS system. The goal is to collect information about the user – name, surname, profile photo, age, sex, weight, height, average blood glucose level, average blood pressure and heart rate. I divided the work into several stages.


  • the process must be simple and friendly
  • limiting the number of steps to a minimum
  • diabetics are a particularly demanding group – their ailments interfere with daily functioning, and the effects of the disease affect perception, patience, degree of focus – hence, among other buttons must be large enough, and the font readable – among other things due to the often-occurring visual deterioration of sight
  • the application must inspire confidence – obtaining data for the User’s benefit
  • the option to skip selected steps – e.g. adding a photo will be possible later – to facilitate the process, the total configuration of the account is not necessary in the first session  
  • presented onboarding process is the more difficult it is to obtain specific data – it does not talk about the product and selected functionalities – the user must be appropriately motivated to go through the whole process
  • you should be aware that users will use the application with different attitudes – the majority will be depressed, in general must use such a #illness app. There will also be a group that will use the product on someone’s behalf – carers of the elderly, parents of young children
  • at the bottom of each screen there are bullets that act as a progress bar
woman checking her blood glucose level


  • the MEDTECH industry – what is characterized, specificity, diversity target group
  • diabetes – disease conditions, symptoms, complications, needs
  • patients, discomfort and problems resulting from the disease – all information collected in the press for diabetics, on discussion forums, in industry portals, social media, Polish Diabetes Society
  • competition research – what is the market of applications directed to diabetics


The prepared project is a bit unusual. There is a lot on the market
extremely medical applications – the concept I have prepared is supposed to give diabetics a sense of 'normal' life. Make them engage and have satisfaction in taking care of their health – just like in the case of sports or relaxation applications. I did not want them to use it with a sense of hurt and unpleasant duty – that they are sick, but that they would reach out to it with pleasure, feeling that everything is under control. Hence, the whole is a strongly lifestyle character. One should only remember when building further functionalities, to keep moderation – the app still has to give a sense of care – not to overdo it with 'looseness' and not to downplay the discomfort that is diabetes.

young smiley woman checking something on the iPad


For the leitmotif I chose a sloth – a 'mascot' from a marketing point of view, a guide to the application – it arouses sympathy. At the same time, a sloth is a creature that also has some limitations – it is very slow, but it still works. The application is to give motivation to constantly improve the quality of your life!


app screen
  • welcome
  • the screen is to encourage the user, give a sense of comfort that he lacks due to illness
  • main passwords are: balance, take care of your health, everything will come back to normal, regain control, your health in your hands, it’s simple
  • each screen starts with a short message – what it concerns, where we are onboard


app screen
  • form – after clicking on a given column, e.g. #name, the ability to enter data from the keyboard 
  • the option to add a profile photo – with the option of temporarily skipping this step and complete it later – after clicking (+) on the screen, there is the option to add a photo from the phone #file or take a picture with the phone’s camera


app screen
  • establishing direct contact with the User, building positive bond – reading the name from the form placed on previous board – element of personalization
  • note – my previous experience shows that Users often in a hurry write their data [first and last name] from lowercase letters, and later they feel affected, if the data was rewritten in the same way – this process should be automated to avoid this problem 
  • ’You are changing your life for the better' – motivation, encouragement for further steps
  • after clicking on a given column, e.g. #weight – the option to enter data from keyboard
  • age instead of the full date of birth – if the date of birth is not necessary, we will bypass one of the ignition points [full personal data] – in applications where only the age of the patient is important – this solution is widely used


app screen
  • constant building on the User’s feeling that he is doing something valuable, that he is in the right place and time, that he is changing his life for the better – which also brings positive associations with the application itself
  • ’Time for the most important' – signals that we are still on a significant topic, we do not underestimate it and we have a common goal to achieve #health


final app screen
  • the last step
  • the User has been successfully carried out by the on-boarding process and can start to fully use the application’s functionality, improving the quality of his life every day!


In this way, the prepared on-boarding process will be perfect for such functionalities as:

  • reminders and planning of treatments, mainly routine activities
  • data collection – including historical data with subsequent measurements and body weight monitoring
  • possibility to keep a log of physical activity – enriched with the functionality of a sports application – e.g. counting steps
  • all data translated into charts
  • in the case of more advanced functionalities – setting the ICE contact and if necessary – immediate notification of your current GPS location (e.g. SMS)
  • the ability to generate full reports and send by e-mail – for example to your doctor
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