set of millet packaging

Colorful and juicy – just like the fruit inside ;)

The set consists of 6 elements, in different colors, designed as a handy package.


My task was to prepare a packaging design for organic millet, along with descriptions. The priority was to design high-class packaging that would distinguish the product on the market.


The result of my work is the packaging in juicy colors, filled with attractive graphics. The cardboard boxes contain photos I made, which I then worked graphically and incorporated into the design. The packaging is consumer-friendly – handy and legible. The print was made on a stiffened cardboard, which in the final phase was applied high gloss lacquer, which further intensified the intensity of colors on the packaging.

pear millet packaging
apple millet packaging


For the Classic Millet #PinkBox I also prepared a mini recipe book that was attached to each package. The scope of work in this case is graphic design, creating recipe, writing texts, photo session, submitting for printing, ordering printing, and then delivering ready copies. Printing on premium mat paper – an effect referring to premium cookbooks. A lot of work, but the task wasn’t so complicated for me – I was writing a culinary blog few years ago :D

classic millet packaging