tea packaging set

Tea is a unique product, which is why this project required special care. Not only because of reaching the premium shelf, but also due to the high saturation of this market segment.

As part of this implementation I prepared packaging for 7 types of tea – Assam, Sencha, Pai Mu Tan, Rooibos, Gunpowder, Darjeeling and Rooibos Orange.


My task was to prepare high quality projects that would ideally emphasize the unique and luxurious character of this product. Thanks to the fact that I had full freedom in choosing the motif, materials and colors, I managed to create packaging for tea, which was not yet available on the Polish market.

tea packaging and teapot


The main assumptions of this project are to emphasize the luxurious character and high quality of the product. Hence the use of a black, shiny doypack package, which is a perfect background for colored labels. The inspiration for their creation were patterns, associated with distant and exotic travels to a land of tea – such as India and Sri Lanka. Each product has a different color range, adapted to the nature of the infusion – such as warm and energetic Rooibos, deep and rich Assam, or delicate and soothing Pai Mu Tan tea. Because in my projects everything has to be consistent! :)

tea packaging mock-ups
cups with tea
tea packaging and a woman drinking tea on the grass
moch-up of assam tea

moch-up of sencha tea
moch-up of gunpowder tea
moch-up of rooibos tea
moch-up of pai mu tan tea
moch-up of oolong tea